Friday, July 8, 2011


Actually the beginning was October 31, 2009 when my husband, Kent Matthew Gilbert, died. And end, and a beginning. That's when I first thought about retiring from my job of 18 years, and taking off from Maui where I've lived for 25 years; and traveling around the world. I thought of it, and talked about it, and thought how impossible it would be; and then I started surfing around the net, and found out it was not impossible. It was doable. Then I chickened out 2x, one time after I'd planned my itinerary and was ready to buy my ticket. Then I did some more soul-searching, and said "I really want to do this now". And so, I bought my ticket, made a budget, set up about 5 long 'to do' lists and got BUSY!  Now, in a couple of weeks on July 31st, I will be on my way. And you will be on the way with me....Happy Trails.