Monday, December 8, 2014

"Stalker is a very contemporary story - it is a study in self-absorption and plausible self-delusion with a plot that captures it well." Alisha Bhaduri. Aestas 2014. Anthology. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Anti Holiday cheer.  My first anthology.  Stalker is a story to make you feel grateful you only have the holiday blues.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Anthology is now available at Amazon. Support this collection of international short stories, including my story, Stalker.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Correction: Fabula Press is right on schedule for the printing of the anthology, Aestas! My bad for saying I hadn't heard from them. They have been working diligently and have updated their website, which will be available to view in a few days.

"As the year end approaches, we are ploughing ahead on full steam to meet the anthology deadline. Work on Aestas 2014 is progressing well, and we are happy to say that we hope to hit the press earlier than originally scheduled.  So a few more tiring, sleepless nights for the editorial team before we make the much awaited announcement about the maiden short story anthology from Fabula Press and Quill & Ink – Wish us luck!"

Monday, October 6, 2014


I have been working on my short stories, getting published, and on several new novella projects, and Blog writing went on the back burner. I did want to update some writing news.

Today I had my short story, BREATH, published online at StrangerViews Ezine.

My short story, STALKER, has been signed to be included in the Fabula Press Aestas 2014 Short Story Anthology sometime before the end of the year. This will be a print anthology out of Hong Kong. There may be delays due to the current situation. I haven't had an update from publishers.  There is now a TV show with the same title, and similar subject matter. I'm not sure what impact that will have on my story. I wrote the story several years ago. I tweeted the writers to see if they would be interested in using my story for a script idea.

I joined an online Science Fiction writers forum to get feedback, and I was finally able to finish my explicit Science Fiction novella. BREED is now being considered for the Winter Edition of Speculative Fiction.

I currently have about 11 submissions out to various magazines, ezines, and contests.

I was invited and attended the Napa Valley Writer's Conference in July, 2014. It was a great experience, and the rewrite material I received for my short story, TRACKED, has been very helpful. This is a longer story than I usually write, and has presented me with some additional challenges. Usually, I map out a story in my head before I write a word so I know the beginning to the end. Of course, I make changes along the way, but I usually know where I am going. In this story, I started with an idea and great characters, but no end in sight. The feedback I received was helpful, but I'm still stuck with deciding where this story will end up.

I am currently on the road again. Southern California, then on to Maui, then back to SoCal, then back to Northern California in December, 2014. Will try to post more often, but no guarantees. 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New short story published.

I've had my second short story published December 23rd. Inkapture is an online journal published out of the UK. I hope you'll check out my short story, Bridges.