Saturday, February 7, 2015

Today I started my novel, which will be a mixture of Kent's story, my story, and my grief walkabout - trip around the world. I've collated information into Scrivener and will start this process. It is daunting, starting a novel. And in some ways, especially nowadays when everyone is or wants to be, a writer. I don't just want to write a novel. I want to feel that feeling of ascending myself, going beyond who I am...going to that faraway planet where I've said something I could never imagine I had the wit, courage, or stamina to say. I remember when I first started writing short stories again, what a high mountain that seemed from beginning to publication. Now, although it's still a challenge, it's not the monster under the bed it used to be.

I have a graphic artist/editor who will help me with createaspace, and an artist friend who is interested in doing the cover. I have three possible titles. I'm thinking that I'll do a contest for the title, and maybe even do t-shirts, but that's just my imagination running away from the real work, which is facing what happened again. I envision a book filled with flashbacks, dreams, stories, photographs, based in grief and joy. I feel like I'm strong enough to write this book, although I know it is going to put me through some changes. Like I told a friend today, "I'm scared, but that's never stopped me." Wish me Luck.

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  1. This is an exciting time! Taming that monster under the bed! Courage, wit, stamina! You will walk through this with dignity and grace. I'll remind you that when you forget! My friend you don't need me to wish you luck, you've already got it. It was under the bed.