Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shout out for novel input...

It is now my choice to gather notes, files, blog entries, pictures, journals, and memories into one form called a novel. This is quite a task, and most days I'm sure I'm not up for it. Then I have those days when I just sit down for hours and do it. I would like to ask all those who have faithfully read, followed, joined, and maybe discarded my entries to re-read them. Let me know if there is anything you absolutely do not want me to leave out of my book. You needn't limit your comments to this blog. If there is any part of Kent and my journey that you would like me to tell, let me know. Or if you want to include a part of your journey with us, I will also consider those entries. I greatly appreciate your time, efforts, and input and will be sure to add your name to a long list of people I can thank when I actually have a book.  You can post your comments here, or email me at nomadrena@gmail.com

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