Friday, January 8, 2016

It's been a while since I've updated this blog, which is mainly due to a lack of interest in blogging, working on other publication projects, and holiday travels.

So here's the news:

THUGLIT ISSUE 21 is now available at with my latest short story, PARADISE. This is the first story I've written using Maui as the setting, and the first story with a character in recovery. I loved writing this story, and was so thrilled that editor extraordinaire, Todd Robinson, felt the same way. This is my second story published in this stellar magazine, and I encourage you to check it out. You'll probably want all the back issues to binge on. Don't miss my story, WHEELS, in Issue 6.

BREED, my science fiction novelette, is available with new cover designed by Jacob Wylen in hard copy at  It will be available at in 3-5 days. This was my first try at science fiction (50's style adventure), and erotica. I've talked before on how I ended up meshing the two genre's, and will say again, it's just one of those creative monsters that creeps out when you aren't looking or worrying about who likes what. I'm proud of this story, despite some initial booing over sexual content.

I'm also working on the audio version narrated by Jacob Wylen. This should be available at in the next week or so. Jacob is a talented soul, and is getting ready to make a move to Hollywood. I'm very lucky he read BREED, and was excited to work on this project. He loved it so much, he designed a new cover, which as some of you may recognize, is a throwback to old science fictions mags of the 1950's. The kind my dad used to hide in his bottom desk drawer, and that my brother and I used to steal, hide, and read.

I hope you venture out into the new world of Rena Robinett, and enjoy the visit.


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