Friday, May 22, 2015


Finally, Mystic Moon is back in print at My fantasy novelette, Daylight, is included. It's only .99c on Kindle and I doubt I'll see much money from the publishers. A strange brew to be sure. But at least they published my story, and for that I'm grateful.

or check out the website where all six stories are linked.

I decided recently that instead of badgering myself about writing a memoir for my husband; having to go to Maui and slog through two storage containers to find our old love letters and all my journals, I will write what I can today as a love letter. Maybe sometime later I will be inspired to put all that other stuff together, but to be honest, now it's just making me not want to work on what I have.

I was discouraged recently about ever getting published again, when I got a great detailed email from an editor about my erotic space drama. Firstly, disputed the input I got from a writer's group I declined to remain in who rebuked the un-PCness of my sex scenes, saying the sex was not gratuitous, and fit the story well. Gave me detailed instructions on what needed to be done in rewrite, and ask to see story after it was reworked. Thrilling! It's a tough rewrite, but I'm determined. Gave me a boost. I was so inspired I sent out several more stories.

I also emailed some people I hadn't heard back from, only to find out they never received my stories. So I got to resend them, and hope for positive response.

The final positive thing was an email I received from my tattoo artist who had gone online and read one of my stories, which she loved so much she's having her mom and her husband read it. She's also ordered Thuglit. It's great when you receive direct feedback from a reader! It makes it all so worth it, even though I've been writing since I was five years old with no one reading me.

I went to a book signing last night for Neal Stephenson's new book, SEVENEVES. Someone asked him how he created his characters. "That's like asking a dog how he scratches his's just what I do." Best writing quote to date. Whatever the outcome, it's what I do.


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