Monday, October 29, 2012

WHO I AM....

It may be, because I don't actively jump on every bandwagon, people assume I have no point of view.

So here is mostly what I believe.

I am a hope to die pragmatist; I believe that no matter how good something is there is always a
way to fuck it up. I believe in fairies. The sunset on the west side of Maui. The smiling face of a two year old. A fine hard ass on anyone. I believe I have friends everywhere and have truely loved
and been loved. I don't believe anything I read on the internet. I love tattoos and some of the
people who wear them. I love the sound of motorcycles riding down the highway, surf pounding on sand, speakers throbbing rock and roll. I have little care for bullies, ninnys, whiners, or
malcontents; I have to work at tolerance remembering that I have been them all at some time in my long life. I love this big blue ball we live on. I would go to another ball if invited. I cry at
the high note in the National Anthem or the low note in Battle Hymn of the Republic. I love a high
fly ball and a perfect pass. I come from a long line of rebels. I am a spiritual warrior. I know a
life can be reinvented. I read books because I love words on a page. I would shoot someone for
burning a book. I thrive on comic book heros, true love stories, bloody histories; crime, blood,
lust, love, and magic. Life is magic. Medea to King Lear to Midsummer Night's Dream to Gone With
the Wind to Casablanca to Pulp Fiction to Lord of the Rings. I've cried as much in movies as I have
in real life. I love people who love, no matter who they love or why. I love men and women who love
men and woman. I throw on and change frequently the costumes that we all put on to convince each
other of who we are and where we belong. From three piece suit dressers to cross-dressers, I've
dressed up, dressed down, and ran naked with many of you through the gleaming of a sunrise that has now become my sunset. I believe in this circus tent that is life, with all its geeks, freaks, and lion tamers. I love to crack the whip sometimes. I vote for people, not sound bites. If I must have
a label, I am a pagan. I believe that any belief not based in experience is a lie. I don't believe in religions created by man. When the real deal shows up, either god or alien, I believe I will
know it. I love to dance, play, laugh, sing, and fuck with thoughts, ideas, and dreams. I  watch
people spin around in their own certainty about things that no one can be certain about. I believe
that before I die I will have lived the fullest life I possibly could for no other reason than the
telling of the tale. I have no axes to grind, and I abhor the sound of knives being sharpened to
cut pieces out of the human race. I believe in family, blood ties, life bonds, and true friends;
loyalty to those you love and who love you. Living the truth, as well as telling it. I also believe the truth is as mutable as silly putty. I love turtles, whales, dogs, cats, elephants, eagles, tigers, and wolves. I don't love centipedes, rats, camels, snakes, chickens, rabbits, or dolphins. I am not interested in single points of view, or the people who hold onto them. I do not have the makings of a groupee or guru feet kisser. I don't want to be a follower or a leader. I am the star in my universe and I just want to shine. I remain unconvinced that anyone here knows any more about anything really important that I do. And so, just to be perfectly clear, I don't care who you vote for, pray to, or fuck; if you fit into my life puzzle, for whatever reason, I will honor the piece of life that is you. If none of this makes any sense, I believe you need to take a long walk
barefoot in warm sand, kiss someone whose lips taste of cotton candy, hug a baby close to your
cheek and breath in smells of talcium and sweet new life, spread the ashes of someone you love off
the top of a temple in the hot ancient air of Ankor Wat, walk around smiling for no reason except
that it makes you and everyone around you feel better. Then when your heart is open and your mind is clear, if you really want to know who I am, read this again.

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